Public Health and Water

Trip locations: Honduras, Panama, and Nicaragua

Public Health and Water Brigades both work to empower communities through education on how to stop preventable diseases and through building sustainable structures. We collaborate with other brigades and the Global Brigades Research and Evaluation Team to collect information on the state of the communities they work with and use this to identify what these communities need the most. Projects are then chosen based on these needs. With a holistic approach to development we plan to continue working with communities to improve their health and standard of living.

Volunteers do not need prior experience in building to participate in Public Health or Water Brigades. Before the brigade, volunteers will be provided with video tutorials and manuals on the building techniques for the four projects and once on the ground, trained brigade coordinators will train students on how to build each type of project. Throughout the brigade, volunteers work alongside the trained coordinators who will guide during the building process.

To learn more about us or to get involved, please check out our Facebook Page or contact

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