Frequently Asked Questions

What is Global Brigades at UCLA?

Global Brigades is the world’s largest student-led global health and sustainable development organization. Ever since it was founded, Global Brigades has mobilized thousands of university students and professionals through ten skill-based service programs to improve quality of life in the under resourced communities of Ghana, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. These programs include: Architecture, Business, Dental, Engineering, Environmental, Human Rights, Medical, Micro-Finance, Public Health, and Water.

Global Brigades at UCLA offers eight out of ten of the official disciplines of Global Brigades in addition to our UCLA-initiated Community Brigades, which is out community outreach component. Global Brigades at UCLA is unique in that we offers more disciplines than any other university. Additionally, we are among the first to offer hybrid brigades, which are brigades comprising of more than one discipline.

How can I become a member of Global Brigades at UCLA? 

We open applications at the beginning of each quarter (application is located in the sidebar). Once your application has been submitted, please expect a short phone interview. After you have been accepted into Global Brigades at UCLA, you will be expected to fulfill the following requirements for active membership:

  • Pay a one-time $20 membership fee
  • Attend 4 out of 5 general meetings each quarter
  • Participate in at least one event outside of general meetings (i.e. Community Brigade event)

Please note that this application is to join Global Brigades at UCLA as a general organization. If you wish to go on a specific brigade, you must be considered an active Global Brigades member.

You do not have to go on a brigade to be an active member of Global Brigades!!

What are the benefits of active membership?

  • Recognition at graduation
  • Priority for future brigades and scholarships
  • Becoming an impassioned global citizen!

Where do you travel on brigades?

Ghana, Panama, Nicaragua, and Honduras. Please refer to tabs above to find out which specific countries each discipline travels to.

Community Brigades holds events in LA.

How long do brigades last?

Summer and Spring Brigades typically last ~7 days. Winter Brigades last ~10 days.

When do brigades leave?

Winter Brigades leave right after Fall quarter finals during Winter Break

Spring Brigades occur during the week of Spring Break.

Summer Brigades leave right after Spring quarter finals/graduation and typically return before the start of Summer Session A.

Please note that hybrid brigades may last longer than the typical brigade.

How much do brigades cost?

Brigades to Central America cost ~$1600-$2000 while brigades to Ghana cost ~$2500-$3000 depending on airfare. Please note that actual brigade costs may be more that what is listed here. These costs include airfare, transportation, brigade expenses, housing, and food but does not include passport renewal fees or travel medication costs.

How do I fundraise for my brigade?

All brigades use to keep track of their fundraising and donations. Brigadiers typically fundraise with the help of family and friends. Discipline presidents may also hold fundraisers at his or her discretion. Small scholarships may also be available to active members.

What will I be doing on these brigades?

Please refer to the tab of the discipline you are interested in for a list of volunteer duties.

Where will I be staying for the duration of these brigades?

Brigadiers are usually housed in compounds depending on the region they are traveling to. Compounds include lodging, bathrooms, and a dining hall. More information about specific compounds will be given to you closer to your brigade departure date.

How safe are these brigade?

Global Brigades takes the safety of its brigadiers very seriously. Please refer to the Safety Precautions page on the Global Brigades website for more details on how we address safety.

How can I get in contact with my child on a brigade?

Global Brigades will contact you once your child has landed in-country. After that, we typically operate on a “no news is good news” policy. For emergencies, please contact the brigade coordinator (contact information for brigade coordinator will be given closer to the brigade date of departure) or the appropriate person(s):

Emergency Travel Contact:

• GB International Office, during business hours, 1-206-489-4798, or email

• For after-hour support, please contact the on-call Chapter Advisor at 1-206-596-0014 (for urgent matters only)

Honduran Contacts:

• Quique Rodriguez –Chief Executive Officer of Global Brigades Honduras, +504-9970-9478 (Honduran Mobile)

• Luis Quan – Chief Operations Officer of Global Brigades Honduras, +504-9488-7997 (Honduran Mobile)

Panama Contact:

• Gabriela Valencia – Chief Executive Officer of Global Brigades Panama, +507-6083-1756 (Panamanian Mobile)

Nicaragua Contacts:

• Mario Quan – Interim Executive Director of Global Brigades Nicaragua, +505-5842-3566 (Nicaraguan Mobile)

• Wilmer Arostegui – Operations Director of Global Brigades Nicaragua, +505-8539-5320 (Nicaraguan Mobile)

Please not that Global Brigades at UCLA is not responsible for any international phone charges.



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