Trip Location: Panama

At its core, Environmental Brigades strives to preserve the environment in rural communities through various sustainable agriculture projects, reforestation, waste management, and education programs. These specific projects will help address some of the most pressing environmental needs of our communities; specifically with the implementation of the “Model Farm,” which consists of different sections of crops and livestock, Global Brigades’ focus on fighting the degradation of soil promotes environmental and financial sustainability, as well as food security.

Volunteers will:

  • Spend time with community members to better understand the pressing environmental concerns of both the community and the region
  • Help environmental committees with either the construction or maintenance and follow-up of the Model Farm
  • Educate schoolchildren about the effects of inorganic waste and propose alternative methods to dealing with trash
  • Hold interactive workshops and build physical structures to provide education and physical assistance for local families

Between brigades, Environmental technicians are constantly making trips into our partner communities. During their visits, they monitor the status of the projects and maintain contact with the committees in order to ensure the continued success of Global Environmental Brigades projects.

To learn more about us or to get involved, please visit our Facebook Page or contact:

Allison Bell | alliebell06@gmail.com


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