New Year New Meeting Times:

Welcome back brigaders! Anyone interested in our Med/Dent/Water brigade this winter in Nicaragua is encouraged to come out to an info meeting Wednesday of week 1 from 6-7pm in Royce Hall 362.

Our discipline-specific meetings this year will be on Thursday of even weeks from 5-6pmin Kerckhoff 135.

Also check out our new Instagram! @uclagmdb_


Trip Locations: Honduras, Ghana, Nicaragua, and Panama

Dental Brigades focuses primarily on the oral issues that communities currently face due to limited access to dental care and education. Without access to dental care and services, many of the oral diseases, such as gingivitis and dental caries, worsen. These diseases cause infections, which in turn cause other chronic diseases. The Dental program addresses oral health problems by providing immediate dental care and preventative treatments and education through mobile medical clinics in partnership with the Medical program.

Volunteers will:

  • Shadow licensed dentists and observe procedures such as fillings, sealants, cleanings, fluoride and extractions
  • Assist in a pharmacy under the direction of licensed pharmacists
  • Assist during triage and patient medical history in-take
  • Hold dental hygiene workshops for the children in the community
  • Utilize electronic medical records system to help track patient progress

Volunteers that are not licensed dentists will mainly observe dental procedures but will also have the opportunity to assist dentists with specific requests, preparing and cleaning equipment, and providing any needs a patient may have during a procedure.

To learn more about us or to get involved, please visit our Facebook Page or contact:
Kavya Mudiam |


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