We are Global Brigades at UCLA.


  • Application for Winter/Spring 2016 now available!! (See sidebar)
  • Sign-up at next general meeting to get involved in our future projects
    • Global Brigades Conference (hosted at UCLA)
    • On-Campus Awareness Event
    • Community Brigades
    • Cafe Holistico

WINTER QUARTER WEEK 5 GM: Thursday (2/4) @6PM in Royce 362

We are excited about your interest to join this global movement to make positive change in communities internationally and locally through sustainable development.

We aim to empower volunteers to facilitate sustainable solutions in under-resourced communities while fostering local cultures, as well as implementing the voice of the community in our efforts, to improve quality of life; by igniting a student-led social responsibility movement at the University of California, Los Angeles and to apply the knowledge learned abroad toward the positive eradication of structural inequalities in our own communities in partnership with the local non-profit, Los Angeles Public Health Alliance.

Whether you are interested in working globally or locally, you will have innumerable opportunities through the different disciplines offered here at UCLA. Furthermore, you will be learning about the various aspects underlying international and local development work, including philosophies, challenges, and stories of community members and volunteers.

Summer | June 11th-19th*
Medical/Dental Brigades | Location TBA
Environmental Brigades | Location TBA
Public Health Brigades | Location TBA
Human Rights+Business Brigades | Location TBA

*Though time frame is fixed, exact dates are tentative.